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Real world productivity – Performance recorded –

-with an emphasis on basic profit driving traits – 

We are often asked to describe the type of Angus we breed here at Eaglehawk.  In a paragraph I will try to explain why we are a little different – Ian Vivers

Much of the Angus industry has been caught up in chasing figures and disregarding the traits that made the Angus breed great.

Here at Eaglehawk we concentrate on the attributes that pay the bills, fertility, live calf on the ground, fast growing, deep and thick, maternal easy doers that meet a range of markets.  Yes, you can have it all!  Our cattle marble sufficiently without chasing the massive marbling EBVs that tend to bring a range of problems with them.

Our American friends have seen the cycle of figure chasing and are coming slowly out the other side.  During our frequent trips to the US we have been able to observe there mistakes first hand and avoid them.  Consequently we have been able to plot a course that has kept the focus on genuine no nonsense fair dinkum Angus.