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Eaglehawk Farms

Breeding Program

Our breeding philosophy here at Eaglehawk is deeply rooted in a strict discipline based on real world facts and results, not quickly changing breed fads and trends.

Strong emphasis is placed on the traits of growth and carcase, structure, temperament and fertility, which also heavily impacts the profitability of our customers. Over the years certain traits have always come to the forefront of our cow selection criteria. Rigorous demands have been placed on fertility, easy fleshing, calving, short gestation, along with structure and phenotype.  These combines traits give cows the ability to wean a heavy calf under commercial conditions. We expect our heifers to calve at 2 years of age and wean a heavy calf. No exceptions are made for empties. We also like moderate frame a nice smooth hair type displayed.  Our cows are our lifeblood and a priority when breeding decisions are made.

Objective measurements are a very significant tool in our program. Ultrasound measurements help us in our selection of cattle that will produce high yielding carcases with adequate marbling. Our cattle are weighed at birth, weaning, 400 and 600 days of age.

Our cows work for a living and our bulls are built to last. We develop our bulls slowly and cull them stringently.

We market approximately 180 bulls annually through our on property sale in August and from March onwards our paddock and contract sale bulls start to go.

We feel we have gone the extra mile to breed the right cattle and to accommodate our customers. We stand behind our cattle 100% and want to do business with our customers year after year after year.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding our program.