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Hello and welcome to our blog.

We’re excited to share with you what we’re up to and some items that we think you may find interesting and hopefully helpful.  We will be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the new things happening at Eaglehawk as well as the wider agricultural world.  –  there is plenty to tell you about!

If you have any questions then please get in touch via our contacts section or email us.

Katandra Blacks kick performance goals in the EKKA competition.

The Atkinson family from “Katandra” Hughenden QLD, really cleaned up in the prestigious paddock to palate EKKA competition this year at the weight gain level.

We travelled to Dalby in South East Queensland early this … Read more

Weaning over for another year.

Weaning is a stressful time on both cows and calves (and people) so we try and make the process as seamless as possible.

There are many ways to go about weaning and over the years … Read more

Eaglehawk Angus has the first Firestorm calves in Oz

We love looking at Angus cattle……..travelling the United States two years ago we came across a bull that really took our eye at the Hawkeye breeding facilities in Billings, Montana.

The bull was Sandpoint Firestorm … Read more