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Cow Herd

Our cows are our lifeblood. We focus on maternal functionality, femininity, longevity and structural soundness. Moderately framed cows that go into calf easily, raise thick, easy fleshing calves is what it’s all about. We believe that if we get the cow side of things right the end result is a bull that is balanced, deep, long bodied, thick and with sound structure. We don’t pamper our cows, they are treated like our commercial herd and there are no second chances.  We expect our heifers to calve at two years of age and raise a calf every year. We make use of cutting edge technology to keep our genetics up to date with the best in the Angus world. Using Embryo Transfer, we flush our top cows every year as we expand into new and different genetics. Our main focus is the production of bulls that meet the needs of commercial cattleman.

We sell cows every year privately  contact us if you are interested in purchasing cows or embryos.