<<  90/90 BULLS SOLD  >>

<<  $17, 726 AVERAGE  >>

<<  $30,000 TOP PRICE (twice) >>

2021 was a year to remember…..

This years bull sale was the best to date, commercial cattle prices have been at record highs, people are recovering from the drought and enjoying good seasons. We may have all been forced to dodge and weave around the Covid restrictions that have impacted all our lives but us country folk are pretty resilient.  Luckily we were given an exemption from the Minister for Agriculture on the 11th hour to hold a physical sale or things may have been a little different.  Ian always says that our cattle need to be seen in the flesh.

Okay, now some results……

100% of the 90 bull draft was sold to a top of $30,000 twice. 


The sale average ended up being $17,726.

This is very humbling and quite an extraordinary outcome in our industry when we consider that the purchasers are all commercial breeders.

The bulls were hard fought for by existing Eaglehawk clients who were doggedly determined to secure their loads.  This is an extremely important point to make when we consider that no “big” or “funny money” was involved and Eaglehawk users are so determined to stay Eaglehawk blood.

80% of the draft sold existing clients and this is certainly a welcome.  We welcome our new clients with op

en arms and are excited to continuing relationships and to assist in building profitable enterprises.

It seems that “The Cowmaker Sale” attracted some attention.  It was meant to.  In this critical time of herd rebuilding breeders are starting to rethink their path in the Angus breed.  That’s great for Eaglehawk Angus as that is where we are poised.  The Eaglehawk cow is a true matron, one that will maintain her body condition and yet put enormous effort into her offspring.  A cow that breeds depth, width, softness, and muscle in a low maintenance package.  A moderate framed cow, one that has good temperament and structure.  A cow that weans half her body weight and survives on less.  You have heard it all before here.  That’s what we believe is important to your bottom line in the real world of producing fine carcases, feeding, backgrounding and conservation of resources. The Eaglehawk cow is expected to do all of this and does.

Each year more of our bulls head north to Queensland which is always a nice feel.  For years we have heard that Queensland needs large framed, large cattle to hack it up there…Very steadily we are infiltrating

herds with great success.  They are finding that our softer, fleshier, more moderate frame are easy keeping and more fertile and resilient.  Basically they are finding they can survive and thrive in the harsher environments than cattle that carry no fat.

Our focus is to increase our numbers to stay affordable to our clients.  Large embryo programs and increased cow numbers are our ticket to this problem being overcome.  Next year we will top 100 for sale.

Finally, thankyou to everyone who travelled to our sale, participated on Auctions Plus, purchased bulls and those who missed out.  We appreciate your interest and your valued purchases.

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