2022 Sale Wrap up and a Huge thank you


Thank you

The Eaglehawk team would like to thank all who attended our sale this year, buyers, under bidders, online participants and those who just came for a look.  What a sale!
We sold 100% of the 84 bulls offered with a top of $50,000 with an average $20,150.00.  This result for us was very humbling and we sincerely thank everyone who purchased for believing in the Eaglehawk program and trusting us to continue improving your valuable herds and bottom lines.  





When all is said and done the investment in our genetics must transfer to our clients as profitable and valuable in their businesses or we are not holding up our end of the bargain.
We like to justify the price of our bulls with runs on the board.  We expect our bulls to live long, productive lives, longevity being of major economic importance in a breeding herd.  In turn they will breed females that carry this trait also.  Using our Eaglehawk brand when selling progeny is another bonus to the bottom line.  Reputation and expectations run high when people buy Eaglehawk cattle.  We need these bulls to breed the most efficient, soft, attractive cattle that sell for the best prices possible.  Eaglehawk cattle have a name these days of being sought after in the market for replacement females, weaners that pack on the weight and efficient finishers on grass and grain.

We will not compromise our bulls

Considering the skeletal structure, semen quality, joints and not overfeeding or feeding with “hot” feeds in the few months before sale ensures our bulls are not compromised.  Throughout their young lives we try to keep them on paddocks that will enable them to be on a rising plane of nutrition.  Sometimes this is a juggle but as our cattle become more and more efficient it is becoming easier.
We very rarely have a client with a “broken down” bull.  If a bad set of feet will develop post sale this is of particular concern to us as the feet and legs are the window to the animal.  We pride ourselves on culling any animal that shows weakness in this area and this is the main reason we will not go down the path to selling young bulls. 
We cull stringently throughout their second year if we see problems develop, this is our responsibility as breeders and we can’t monitor them if we don’t have them on farm.  We certainly don’t want to sell unsound animals.  Our trips to the USA have been so valuable in this regard.  Evaluating the potential sires in the flesh, their progeny and parents (in some cases) proves so valuable for our breeding decisions.  Even then, problems can arise but we do our best to avoid them.

Why don’t we sell yearling bulls?

To sell yearling bulls would be a much easier road for us as they don’t take the management the older boys take.  We run our bulls in one mob to cut down the massive problems on sale day and trucking.  There are problems and dangers in this practice as it is widely known that the older and bigger the mob of bulls you run together….the bigger the fallout through injury.  Beside the fact that 2 year olds are more destructive on infrastructure!  

Your role

The hard part is stopping injuries and disease and that is where your management comes into play.  It’s worth spending time considering the safety of bulls when joining and spelling.  One bad hit while joining can be the end of your bull so make sure there is enough space and cows for the number of bulls etc.  Spelling is another bad time for bulls being injured.  If you know there is a bully, look after the young guns a bit and make sure they have space and enough feed.  Not too much though.  

The high seller was Eaglehawk Trapper R106, he seemed to be the darling of the sale with a lot of interest in his long deep bodied presence coupled with curve bending growth figures. Eaglehawk secured an Exclusive on this bulls sire, the powerful Paintrock Trapper which added to the interest surrounding this bull. Having a birthweight EBV of +1.7, Gestation of -8.0 and 600day of 124 certainly was a deal clincher for Parraweena Highlands/Marengo Pastoral Co. Company Manager, Mick Kelsall had his eye firmly on this Trapper son to “SUPERCHARGE”  their angus herds based at Ebor and the Liverpool Plains.  A double whammy bull that will be perfect over heifers and cows and inject the softness required for an excellent eating experience.
Mick also took home Eaglehawk Blaster R047, a more moderate framed bull who was the second top price of the sale at $40,000.  Again he was a  standout and not to be missed by Parraweena/Marengo Pastoral to boost the softness, thickness and maternal they are breeding into their program that is targeting and marketed through a branded beef product.
 Our volume buyer this year was Angus Ziln from Victoria.  Angus purchased six bulls that will run on his country in the Hunter Valley. Angus is a first time buyer and looked around in the north for genetics and decided that the Eaglehawk program fitted best with what he was trying to achieve.  Positive fat and doing ability being high on his list.  
We love the fact that our Queensland clients are kicking goals with our genetics and coming back.
What we are seeing and hearing from clients and the feedlotters is the efficiency and doing ability the bulls are injecting into both bos indicus types and angus herds in central/north Queensland. Doability, fertility, depth and softness are paying the bills and more. Hence our increasing clientele from Queensland.

Online bidding trend

The presence of online bidders was once again strong with 17 bulls being purchased through Auctions Plus. Auctions Plus seems to be an ever improving platform for puchasers to use with trust these days.  This is fantastic as it cuts down many kms of travel and time and as long as Annie’s videos are good enough to show the animal correctly we have had no problems with description issues.  Poor Annie spends so many hours photographing/videoing her eyes almost go square coming up to our sale.

Where did the bulls go….

Interestingly, we are selling more to Queensland each year with 30% heading up there this year.  We had two Queensland based Feedlots purchasing bulls for clients to thicken bos indicus types.  Our bulls are perfect for this job as they add softness and weight.
15% of the bulls were bound for southern NSW with the remaining 65% scattering around the Hunter, Coastal, New England and western NSW.  

Existing clients returning to fight for their purchases in the sale ring gives us the assurance our bulls are working for them. Nothing makes us happier when we hear awards and top prices going to Eaglehawk Blood cattle.   We are constantly striving to keep in the lead of the pack and to bring value.
We are more than happy to post social media to help heighten awareness of your upcoming sales if they are Eaglehawk blood cattle.  

BLAKE O’REILLY:    0448213668

TIM BAYLISS:          0439009414

BEN JOHNSTON:    0455964487

BRUCE BIRCH:        0428363063

SAM SEWELL:         0447255100






SIRE: Paintrock Mountain Man

DAM: Emulous of Paintrock 93-9

 Click here for EBV’s


This bull we have exclusively. We usually have a “wildcard” and Trapper is this for 2022. We didn’t
get to see the Paintrock herd but we spotted him in the Semen Centre in Billings in 2019 and
couldn’t walk past him. We sought out progeny and found a herd with exceptional heifers by
Trapper and thought he was worth including in our sire lineup. Since then Trapper has quickly
risen through the ranks of Genex elite as he offers that outcross pedigree that is desperately
needed in the Angus breed.

He is good footed and has great body capacity and fleshing ease, which he passes to his
progeny. The only downside to our Trapper calves is that the odd larger frame pops up.

We strive for uniformity in our herd as this is critical for our industry down the line…. to produce a consistent product. For those looking for more frame, these are great.

Trapper will produce beautiful daughters with extra body capacity and fleshing. Pretty much all
the Trapper daughters made it into the replacement heifers as they are solid, sound females that

are feminine. The couple of bigger framed girls gives scope to use a stouter made bull than we
may have otherwise used.


SIRE: Mogck Bullseye [AMF-CAF-XF]

DAM: Baldridge Blackbird 11 Baf

 Click here for EBV’s

Blaster ticked the boxes to enter our program with his flawless structure and eye appeal, overall mass,
and his performance to date. 

We first saw him in the paddock at Musgrave Angus in Illinois and then following up 2 years later where
we were able to see his 2 year old daughters in production. He really puts has stamp on his progeny.
They are highly productive, big volume females and heavy, early turnoff males.  

Blaster has given us progeny with top elite growth with muscle and good bone in a moderate frame.

In the USA he ranks in the top 1% for the breed for growth.  Blaster is a good balanced sire that will add
power to any herd.


SIRE: S A V 004 Density 4336

DAM: Falcon Blackbird 6071

 Click here for EBV’s


When we first set eyes on this bull at the Strommen Ranch in North Dakota in 2018 it was for a
friend… Needless to say he became a must for our breeding program also. He has since become a
household name in the States as he has become known for siring progeny with excellent structure that is easy fleshing all wrapped up in a deep bodied package.

Torque is perfect for those seeking structure, length, depth, easy fleshing and temperament.

He is so quiet we ran our hands all over him in the paddock.  He breeds this into his offspring also which is super important.  His pedigree is packed with power with a double shot of Right Time and SAV Density to
sure up the maternal and easy doing ability. 

Torque bulls are a must for those who are striving to breed superior replacement females that have that
moderate thick made, easy doing phenotype with great structure.

We really like our replacement daughters and the sons we are presenting in this sale.





 Click here for EBV’s

Musgrave Apache has a unique blend of style, structure and muscle.   He is making a real name
for himself as a cowmaker sire.

The photo of Apache we have here was taken as a yearling.  Even at this young age you can see
the smooth muscling and structure he displays.  He also offers the flexibility of being heifer safe
with loads of eye appeal to his calves and standout performance.  

We are very happy to carry on the Musgrave Apache bloodline in the Eaglehawk herd as the
Musgrave cowherd is one of the best we have seen. The replacement females are like peas in a
pod and have developed with consistency, style and tremendous capacity. He is a bull we will
continue to inject into our herd as he really works for us.


SIRE: RITO 707 OF IDEAL 3407 7075


 Click here for EBV’s


The Eaglehawk herd has been injecting the SAV genetics for sixteen years now and with great success.  Using SAV Resource 1441 felt very comfortable as we were familiar and confident with the Schaff program (North Dakota).  We saw Resource in 2014 and really liked him, since then we have seen hundreds of progeny in the USA.  He injects the best of the Rito 707 bloodlines, which we hadn’t used before, and they have blended nicely with our herd. Resource consistently stamps his progeny with thickness, muscle, great structure and feet.  This is wrapped in a moderate naturally easy fleshing and docile package.  If you are looking to add muscle and weight into your calves, this is your bull.  We love the way his bull calves are very muscular and masculine and his females are shaping to be the loveliest females with great udders and broody outlook.




 Click here for EBV’s

Stunner is an extremely stylish, well-balanced bull.  He has the deep sided and thick topped body shape
we need in a maternal/performance heifer and cow bull. 

He comes from a super maternal pedigree that will not fail the person who breeds their own replacement
herd. His sire LD Capitalist needs no introduction either. His daughters are stylish, roomy with great
udders, just the type of cow you love to own.  He isn’t too shabby on breeding thick, fast growing heavy
steer calves also.

He is structurally correct to boot.  This is a must for a sire in our herd.  On the figure side his production
traits rank in the top of the breed. Low birth, high growth, moderate size with big ribeye and positive for
fat cover. Ticks the boxes for us.




 Click here for EBV’s


There are only a couple of Firestorm sons in this sale but as he is so unique and also exclusive to
Eaglehawk I thought he should rate a mention. Such an exciting find from our 2015 trip to the
USA. Firestorm has exceeded our best expectations.

He is a true calving ease sire that produces calves that are thick topped, deep sided, with a
beautiful muscle pattern and lovely slick hair type. With a big ribeye and positive fat adding to
doing ability he ticks pretty much all the boxes we are looking for.

We are flushing a couple of his daughters currently as they possess that rare ability to be
feminine yet powerfully made with big capacity and a good balance of bone and muscle.

He is an outcross to pretty much all the genetics currently being used in the Angus breed. Great
bull that will add depth and maternal traits to any breeding program.




 Click here for EBV’s


Millionaire is low birth, high growth, and with a tonne of thickness. He has an exceptionally good set of EBV’s right through maternal, growth and carcase. To look at you just know that he will back these figures up. His pedigree is a who’s who of modern carcase and maternal genetics.



Ian & Sally Vivers
480 Eastern Feeder Rd
Glen Innes NSW 2370


Ian Mob: 0427 621 278
Sal Mob: 0428 210 962




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