Eaglehawk Angus was founded by Ian and Sally Vivers in 1990 and is a family owned operation breeding angus cattle, located in the New England region of New South Wales.

The Vivers children are the 7th generation of Vivers living in the “Kings Plains” valley, located between Inverell and Glen Innes.

This family has staunchly upheld the tradition and is now entering the 187th year of breeding cattle.

Ian, despite having grown up in a Hereford breeding family had a preference for breeding Angus cattle and so at 27 years of age he went about putting together the best line of Angus cows that he could afford at the time and with the use of Embryo Transfer built Eaglehawk Angus into what it is today. 

Ian has a valuable background in the beef industry covering a multitude of experiences including carcase assessment, running a feedlot, developing a branded beef product, judging live cattle at shows in both the pen and in the ring and completing a diploma of Agriculture.

Eaglehawk Today

We are proud of our land and angus cattle operation. Everyone in the family works in the business and has a role in the day to day running of the property. Eaglehawk runs on 9000 acres and is spread between two properties – the home block located between Inverell and Glen Innes and “Maiden Creek”, located between Armidale and Ebor.

Eaglehawk is operated under very commercial conditions to mimic the circumstances of real-world situations and the Eaglehawk client base.  Every year we calve down 600 registered cows and another 600 commercial/recipient angus cows, plus followers and sale bulls.

We sell around 180 registered bulls per year by auction and privately.

The success of our clients is our priority and inspires us no end. We feel privileged when our clients place such confidence in our program to purchase our bulls year after year.

We have many visitors through the year, we would love to have you visit and view our cattle.

about the    EAglehawk family

The three Vivers children are influencing the direction of the stud since coming home. 

Harry completed a degree in Environmental Science and has worked throughout the north of QLD and WA on cattle properties and is now in charge of the commercial cow/recipient program at “Maiden Creek” along with his wife Emma.  

Maggie is a graphic designer and is involved in the cattle and machinery operating.  Her graphics skills are invaluable at sale times.  

Annie, number three, has an Agribusiness degree and is making the embryo transfer and breeding her speciality while being involved in the day to day running of cattle and cropping. She runs our artificial breeding centre ‘Beefmark’ on the home property, taking in client donor cows of any breed to collect and transfer embryos.

On the home block we also employ Craig Burton who is in charge of day to day operations.  He is involved in all aspects of running the home properties. Our employees are a vital and proficient part of our team and we appreciate them no end.



Ian & Sally Vivers
480 Eastern Feeder Rd
Glen Innes NSW 2370


Ian Mob: 0427 621 278
Sal Mob: 0428 210 962




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