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Bull Sale Wrap Up for 2020

THANK YOU.  A huge thank you to all of the new and old clients who believe in us enough to part with their hard earned cash to buy Eaglehawk bulls for their herds.  
This year was a record for us with a $10,202 average and a total clearance of 70 bulls. We pulled our bull numbers back, anticipating a slow bull selling year.  We regret that we didn’t have enough to go around, and quite a few buyers missed out.  Next year we are planning to have around 100 in the sale.  
The top priced bull @ $20,000 was purchased by Mort & Co Feedlot Dalby, QLD for a Santa client of theirs at Tambo, Qld. This Kozi son Lot 7A carries a ton of muscle and softness in a moderate frame and is ideal for this job.  We had a lot of interest from Queensland since the successes the Atkinson family had at the EKKA feedlot competition in 2017 with their Droughtie/Angus cross.  Since the drought, people have been looking at different options when rebuilding their herds and are now focusing on low maintenance/fertility and on farm performance more and more. The things that pay the bills. 

2020 Bull Sale Preview

The Covid deal stopped our QLD clients attending in person but quite a few were present and bidding online.  A few bulls went to Victoria and southern NSW and the bulk buyers were Marengo/Parraweena Highlands Past. Ebor and Hampshire Station, Merriwa.
Our return clients really deserve a special wrap as they believe in our program enough to  outbid the competition to secure their numbers.  This is very important for us as the results tell the real story.
The heifer bull rush caught us a little off guard…We had 43 average and below average birthweight bulls that created lively bidding.  With the rebuild of the Australian cowherd there are lots of heifers being joined and with no history attached.
It’s a relief that the beef industry has a positive outlook even after the past few desperate years.
We are so grateful to everyone who came along to our  sale and bid on our bulls.  We are humbled by your confidence in our program.  We look forward to keeping in touch and helping you market the progeny in any way we can.

The Story Behind the Sale Bulls of 2020

We are quite different to many Angus breeders of today as we source our own genetics by travelling the USA (every other year) and handpicking sires by personally inspecting the herds, dams and offspring of potential bulls. 

All of the Sires below have been either inspected in the flesh or we have seen their dams and cowherds and progeny.  We believe this has armed us with as much information possible to make the correct decisions to use them with confidence.   This homework (in the case of this years sale bulls it was 3 years ago) in turn offers our clients a fast track to the most progressive genetics we can uncover and to piggy back on our program without the pitfalls we hit when selecting sires the old way.  This method has allowed us to breed an animal that can hack it in our Aussie environment and give the on-farm performance that you, the breeder, gets paid for.  We are also observing trends (good and bad) in the USA that eventually reach Australia and this is invaluable to us.  We have seen what the crazy chase for figures and frame has done to the Angus breed in the States and are sidestepping this, (unfashionable as it is) and driving ahead with a solid plan for the profit drivers.  Easy doing, fertile, deep bodied, structurally correct Angus. 

The terrible drought of the past three years has cemented our resolve that what we are breeding is definitely working.  We weaned our calves as normal this year and made no excuses for empty cows.  Actually we had the same preg test as normal.  The cows were pretty light on, but they did it and thats the most profitable cow you can have. These bulls will get you on track to more profitable cattle.  








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KOUPAL KOZI 416 (EXCLUSIVE TO EAGLEHAWK) breeds very consistently wide topped, naturally deep carcase cattle.  He is a true curve bending bull as his calves are generally light and then they explode to the top of the group by 400 days.  If you need to thicken your herd while still keeping the cows feminine, Kozi will do this.  We have the only Kozi calves in Australia as he is now deceased.  Whenever visitors see our Kozi heifers they are impressed with their capacity and outlook so it is disappointing we are unable to use him more.




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EF COMMANDO will produce excellent fertile moderate cows. We used him heavily over heifers and found his calves light and well shaped at birth followed by breed leading growth patterns.  Progeny have great body shape, muscle and softness, with sound feet and good temperaments. Commando has a great combination of balanced EBVs and pedigree to boot. 




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LD CAPITALIST 316 is a most magnificent bull from the Ludington herd in Texas.  He is being heavily used the world over.  He is a calving ease sire who stamps his calves with great structure, carcase attributes and muscle pattern.  His progeny is powerful with solid growth and high performance and doing ability to produce equally outstanding results on grass and grain alike.  All of this is enhanced by a strong set of balanced figures. The heifers from Capitalist are absolute winners, great udders, conformation and depth of rib.  He is one of the most sought after bulls in the breed today and for good reason.



DAM: 21AR O LASS 7017

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BASIN PAYWEIGHT 1682 appeals across the board.  You can’t help but be impressed by his extreme body mass and depth while carrying this load on great feet and legs.  Phenotypically he breeds true, passing on neat udders, easy fleshing and the broody cow look to his females while the male progeny display the easy fleshing and phenotype of their sire in combination with elite growth that makes them so sought after in the saleyards.  Few bulls that are built like Payweight offer calving ease- but he does.




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VISION UNANIMOUS comes from a very strong cow herd and this will show when you see the females he breeds, they mature early and are very stylish and correct.  We have been super impressed with the structure, depth, softness and performance of Unanimous progeny.  He provides world class performance while maintaining the muscle shape and thickness we all need more of.  Unanimous has a big solid foot with lots of heel and an impeccable structure.




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 A herd sire that is a unique blend of style, structure and muscle who is making a name in the industry as a cowmaker sire. We initially were wanting to secure  Musgrave Aviator (his sire)  but he wasn’t being collected Internationally and then he passed on. Consequently we were directed to the best son he had bred at the time, and that was this fella. 

The photo we have here is a young Apache but you can see the smooth muscling and impecable structure he displays.   He also offers the flexibility of being heifer safe with loads of phenotype to the calves and standout performance. As a result we are very happy to carry on the Musgrave Apache bloodline in the Eaglehawk elite cow herd.


It concerns us greatly when we hear and see bull buyers relying on EBV figures alone to purchase herd bulls.

Don’t assume a fancy set of numbers means the animals are structurally correct.  Each herd has their standards on what is acceptable structure.  We make no exceptions for poor structure….these animals will let you down and pass on their problems and this costs you $$$.

We rate the positive fat EBV as a plus to easy doing low maintenance cattle.  Positive fat allows cattle to keep more condition to handle tough times better, it also enhances skin and hair type.  When we talk soft cattle, we mean soft to look at, not soft in constitution. Easy doing cattle are the type cattle buyers are looking for and they are the ones that eat well.

We stand for cattle with good bone, deep sided, wide across the top, good slick hair all rolled into a structurally correct body.  Our cows are very fertile and this has a lot to do with their ability to keep fat reserves for the most important job of breeding back.  We consider short gestation a positive for growth and fertility.

 ITS EASY TO BREED BIG EBV’S.  You just select sires and dams with big sets of figures and go for it!

While you are studying your figures be aware of the Mature Cow Weights (MCWT).  It’s understandable to be mesmerised into believing that big is best here. You will only get bigger and bigger cows that are going to eat you out of house and home and still not re breed when the going gets tough.  An empty cow is very unprofitable.  We like the MCWT to be somewhere between 85 and 100.   

Be wary of large milk figures as it takes a lot of energy to run a milk factory, they tend to be inefficient and harder doing.   When we experience the drought years we have just come through and analyse the cows that “coped” the best you realise what traits count.  Our cows were fed the minimal requirement of hay and still reared their calves to weaning, plus returned a positive preg test over 90% in a raging drought.  We were hearing about other stud breeders weaning at a few days old to save their cows.  The purpose of the cow is to rear a calf.  Our cows handled the conditions well, some better than others and we have culled accordingly.  Because of their resilience we still have a calf crop that is bouncing ahead.  Breeding for low maintenance is not a fluke.

The same applies to 200, 400 and 600 day weight’s.                                                                                                                                                        You must be mindful that each of these figures have a different effect when it comes to the profitability of your business.  200 day weights give you a combination of the animals genetic ability to grow early with the ability of it’s mother to fuel that growth.  400 day weight takes it the next step covering the animals own ability to put on weight fuelled by the quantity and quality of the forage that you are able to provide on your farm, in your environment. Both these figures will directly effect your bottom line.   600 day weight is different.  A huge 600 EBV could be a big rangy, slab sided type with little potential for good conversion of feed on farm.  In fact it will really only realise it’s potential after an extended period of grain feeding at a large cost. Or it could be a thick, deep muscular animal that thrives in a range of environments and will also finish easily on grain if necessary.  If these growth EBV’s were combined with a frame score they would be much more valuable and meaningful to us all.  Once again I refer back to previous comments about Mature Cow Weight.


Chasing high marbling (IMF) may get a premium at the odd feedlot but beware, nothing is for nothing!  High intramuscular fat (IMF) herds tend to come with a range of problems, they can be slab sided, lighter boned and harder doing and will eventually be the ones that let you down  fertility wise when the going gets tough. Empty cows are the quickest way to lose money.  We certainly keep an eye on the IMF EBV’s, we believe balance over extremes and trends wins out every time. 

A LESSON LEARNED…..is knowledge gained

About 15 years ago we had  big framed cattle with big marbling figures as that was what the industry, and consequently, the breeders wanted.  We actually had the highest marbling female in Australia at that time.  We didn’t like what we were seeing and our bulls needed too much help to get them to sale time and to maintain body weight after joining. Our cows were not as fertile and productive as they are now, that’s for sure.  Actually it was the difficulty to find efficient cattle in Australia at the time that took us overseas.  The USA was just turning the corner on the “Big is best” quest and there were some pretty handy herds for us to choose from.  The USA have gone a full circle and now moderate efficient cattle are really the order of the day.  Grass finished beef is at a premium and sought after because of animal rights and health reasons so this has pushed the moderate cattle breeding harder. 

Australian Angus breeders are starting to push back on the figure based, large inefficient animal, so shopping for moderate bulls is thankfully becoming easier for breeders within Australia.   

Biggest is not always best.  Heavy is what we need to breed but weight comes at a cost.  Efficient, easy doing cattle will be more profitable to the breeder in the good years and definitely in the bad.



Wow! What a year!  It’s been tough for everyone…..We had a bull sale that mirrored what is going on in our industry.  We sold 90% of the lineup and averaged $4,900.  When the cow herd of most of QLD and NSW is almost down to half we should thank our lucky stars that we sold this many.  While I am  thanking…..we would like to thank everyone who came to our sale and especially to the buyers and underbidders.  Without our customers we are without a business and we appreciate the trust you place in our program.



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