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Wow! What a year!  It’s been tough for everyone…..We had a sale that mirrored what is going on in our industry.  We sold 90% of the lineup and averaged $4,900.  When the cow herd of most of QLD and NSW is almost down to half we should thank our lucky stars that we sold this many.  While I am  thanking…..we would like to thank everyone who came to our sale and especially to the buyers and underbidders.  Without our customers we are without a business and we appreciate the trust you place in our program.

 Shamil Livestock, Urunga and Dorrigo, bought the top priced bull for its own stud use for $10,000, 

Volume buyers through Gavin Beard, Landmark Scone bought a substantial amount of our boys to take to the Hunter to long term clients. Gavin represents people who breed quality cattle and allow him to buy Eaglehawk bulls every year, sight unseen.   

George Spring, Pomany Angus, in the Widden Valley, bought six heifer bulls and paid $5,000.  George went home very happy with his purchase.

Richmond Valley producer Aaron Brunello, Treviso Agriculture, bought seven bulls to adjust his Brahman infused herd away from Santa Gertrudis towards Brangus, buying another Unanimous son, N151, for $7000 with top 10pc for 200 and 400 day weight (+54 and +96).  The Brunello family are new to Eaglehawk and they are excited to infuse these quality bulls into their herd.

Repeat buyers Marango Station and Caranna Pastoral came to the sale expecting to buy one bull and went home happy with five including a  Firestorm  by Canadian sire Sandpoint Firestorm who we have had an exclusive on for 2 years, with top 10pc for EMA at +9.0 and top 20pc for birthweight at +2.7 and calving ease at +2.7.

Repeat clients Deepwater Station bought Eaglehawk Godfather N349 by the sire of the same name for $7000. 

This year’s bulls were the most even line of bulls we have offered.  They had balanced EBV’s in a thick, easy doing package. Their mothers and sisters are fertile and easy doing with a ton of capacity.

This year more than ever the easy doing cattle have made an impression on businesses.  They are the ones that have survived better or in some cases, at all.  They are the ones that have come back in pregnant.  They are the ones we need to make a profit.  Live calves and cows that survive are the money earners.

The AI sires we have used to produce this year’s sale bulls have all passed the stringent conformation criteria we demand. The progeny and the program behind all of the sires are considered also, when we make our selections.  This gives us confidence in the accuracy of our selections when we choose a bull for the Eaglehawk herd as we need to cut out all guess work.

EBV’s that we consider to be most objective when measured correctly are:

Gestation length, birth weight, 200,400,600 day weights, (when weighed at those ages), mature cow weight (weighed when her calf is 200 days), scrotal, EMA (scanned at 200 days), rib and rump fat and IMF (all scanned at 600 days).

We offered more bulls that we believe are the type to make you the most profit.  Fertility is inherently linked to positive fat and moderation.  We have moderate framed bulls that are thick, deep and easy doing.  Our cattle marble so you won’t see the number game happening here.  If it was a matter of choosing a bull with the biggest number values our job would be easy!  What we are doing is breeding balance across all traits and a definite phenotype.

Perhaps the most pleasing feature of this year’s sale was the quality of the bulls by our homebred sires.  These bulls and their progeny are absolutely the “Eaglehawk Type”.  Anyway we look forward to bringing you our next lot of bulls in August next year and hope to see you here.     



2019 Sale Lot Snapshot

LOT 33 - Eaglehawk Justified N294

Ian's comment

“For your heifers this bull offers outstanding low birthweight. Birth weight and calving ease ebv’s in the top 10% of the breed. N294 is really a set and forget bull. Eaglehawk Justified delivers again. You can’t go wrong.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 16 - Eaglehawk Innovation N239

Ian's comment

“An Innovation bull with really clean sheath. He has lovely a muscle pattern to him, very deep & goes all the way down his back legs. Good feet and legs, thick topped. Top 10% for ema day and top 10% for retail beef yield.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 2 - Eaglehawk Big Sky N252

Ian's comment

“The first of our Big Sky bulls to come through. He pretty much ticks all the boxes. Embryo calf out of one of our best in A112. Below average for birth for your heifers. Plenty of ema and on the carcase side. Lot of smooth muscle, nice hair type. He walks well with good feet and legs. Real moderate balanced bull.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 4 - Eaglehawk Unanimous N162

Ian's comment

“We are very happy with this Unanimous son. Unanimous has lived up to all expectations and breeding objectives here at Eaglehawk. N162 is deep bodied, thick topped and with a beautiful temperament. Top 10% for 200 and 400 day weight and top 20% for 600 day and carcase weight.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 5 - Eaglehawk Big Sky N206

Ian's comment

“Another Big Sky son who is long, deep and soft. Out of a terrific cow in Eaglehawk Moongarra H200. Average for birth weight with above average growth. The product of our ongoing embryo transfer program. Would provide a lift in any herd. “

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 47 - Eaglehawk Ringmaster N291

Ian's comment

“This bull ticks a lot of boxes for me. He is moderate and well muscled. He has a very tidy underline which avoids some of the problems associated with sheathiness and he has plenty of length. Ringmaster was only used lightly. We will be increasing his input in the future.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 7 - Eaglehawk Justified N362

Ian's comment

“A total heifer specialist here by the homebred sire Justified. He combines calving ease, short gestation and low birth giving a set and forget type bull for heifers. And yet he will give above average growth. Very smooth balance bull with a perfect sheath.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 79 - Eaglehawk Innovation N158

Ian's comment

“If you want your calves on the ground early these Innovation sons will do it for you. Gestation length in the top 20% of the breed. Add to that growth, carcase weight and eye muscle and a positive fat ebv (top 10%) and you have no fuss cattle that do all the things that made the angus breed great in the first place.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 3 - Eaglehawk Unanimous N261

Ian's comment

“Take a good look at this Vision Unanimous sons. Massive growth performance in the top 10% for 200 day and top 20% for 400 and 600day. Physically he is a bull of great balance. A powerful bull with even muscle pattern and a soft coat type. Beautiful clean sheathed bull.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

LOT 49 - Eaglehawk Braveheart N248

Ian's comment

“What a mountain of muscle! If you are looking to inject pure power into your cow herd then this is the bull. His SAV Predominant mother is the exact kind of cow we like here at Eaglehawk. Always in great condition, no matter what. Always brings a cracker calf to the weaning pen.”

Click Here for link to EBV’s

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