Power Packed Calves – Sandpoint Firestorm Progeny Exclusive at Eaglehawk

Sandpoint Firestorm Bull Calf

We love looking at Angus cattle……..travelling the United States two years ago we came across a bull that really took our eye at the Hawkeye breeding facilities in Billings, Montana.

The bull was Sandpoint Firestorm and he was our “wildcard” for that trip. We travel to the USA every two years to search for new genetics and generally learn a great deal about all sorts of things.

I call him our wildcard as he is a bull that we really liked the look of but hadn’t been to see the herd he came from.

We like to see the proof that the herd the stud sires we use comes from a solid and consistent genetic base.  Sometimes our trips are a little tight on time so we just couldn’t fit a visit in.

Anyway, Firestorm ended up being our unknown except for what we saw in front of us. His disposition was excellent and phenotype excellent. Ian jumped into the pen with him and buddied up straight away!

I say he is unknown…..well not exactly…..We have been watching Sandpoint Cattle Company  from Nebraska for a while now and like what they have been doing and like their philosophy on breeding.

We have calves that are nine months old now and we are pretty pleased with them.

Below is a link to Firestorm his EPDs and a video so check him out.


We were taken by his power, muscle and depth, he is moderate in frame and carries his carcase with a softness that we are looking for to pass on the easy doing gene. We used him over heifers also and had no problems so thats an added bonus.

Bottom line: If you want some of this sire in your herd you have to wait until our sale next year.

The photo attached: Eaglehawk Angus Firestorm  heifer with its mother at about 7 months old.  Also I have a short video of a few of Firestorms daughters at weaning.

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