Eaglehawk weaners after four days of weaning at Roma, Queensland.
Eaglehawk Weaners, Roma Queensland

A client from Roma, QLD took these two shots on his phone and sent with the following message:

Weaners from your bulls are impressive Ian, Sep-Oct born (photo taken May 3rd) and average 320kgs after 4 days in the yards.   They are certainly deep in the body and hinds. I should have taken pics straight off the cows, they would make a butcher happy as vealers.

They are drop dead quiet too.  I ride through them in the lane a drive a loader through them and they just sit there chewing.

Changing the shape and volume, not just the colour of Queensland cattle.

Each year, more of our bulls head north to Queensland. We believe our type of Angus is a perfect fit for crossbreeding with Bos indicus or any other cow. For years, we’ve heard, “Queensland needs large-framed, large cattle to hack it up there.” But steadily, we are making our mark.

Initially, Angus bulls were used just to change the black hide, but efficiency was still elusive. Until a few years ago, the Angus bull was way too big and raw to do the job needed. The cows bred from these bulls were still big, angular, and harder doing.

Now, we are hearing that our moderate, softer-skinned, easy-doing bull with more muscle will give them a cow that is maternal and fertile.

It has taken time to change the mindset that bigger is not always better.

We believe that  a moderately framed cow can remain fertile and productive and wean half her body weight.  We believe breeders are much better off than having a large framed cow that has a large framed calf that takes longer to turn off, requiring more resources.   We have more and more happy clients throughout central, west, and north QLD, and we are thrilled they are thriving.

Why our type suits….

We believe strongly in cows having large body capacity to house a big rumen (engine) to convert poorer quality feed efficiently and to support a robust reproductive system. Our softer, fleshier, more moderate-framed cattle are easier to keep, more fertile, and resilient. They survive and thrive in harsher environments compared to cattle that carry no fat. Fat is something that can be called on when times are tough.

Maternal and fertile

The Eaglehawk cow is a true matron, maintaining her body condition while nurturing her offspring. She breeds depth, bone, width, softness, and muscle in a low-maintenance package.  The moderate-framed cow is catching on. 

How we choose our genetics

When we travel the USA we are always on the lookout for the type of cow that will survive in tough environments.  The American environment is tough contrary to public opinion.  They have tough and long winters that we don’t deal with here in Australia. They also have extreme heat in certain parts.  We seek out the cattle that tick our boxes.

It is crucial for your bottom line to produce fine carcasses that weigh and turn off earlier, conserving your resources. The Eaglehawk bull is expected to do all this, and we are having fine feedback.


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