Unveiling the Journey

At Eaglehawk Angus, we’re always on the lookout for ways to advance our breeding program. That’s why every two years, we hit the road for an epic genetic-seeking odyssey across the USA. Join us as we unveil the highs, lows, and invaluable insights gained along the way from our 2024 trip.

Miles of Wisdom

Our journey takes us from Dallas to Canada and down the west coast to LA, covering thousands of miles and visiting 15 different operations. Along the way, we uncover firsthand experiences that reveal potential pitfalls and untapped opportunities, offering a wealth of wisdom to drive our breeding program forward.

Friendships and Insider Scoops

Beyond the miles traveled, our trip is enriched by the friendships formed with fellow breeders who keep us in the loop with the latest industry gossip. These connections add depth to our journey, providing insider insights that shape our breeding decisions.

Back on Home Turf

As calving season kicks off back home, our team springs into action to manage the process seamlessly. With Jeremy, Annie, and Pat at the helm, and our extensive embryo programs overseen by Harry and Willie, we ensure that our breeding efforts continue to thrive even in our absence.

The Fruits of Our Journey

Returning from the USA, we bring with us a bounty of new sires destined to elevate our breeding program to new heights. These include Peak Dot Boost 162K to Montana Jet 1271.  These two bulls we purchased. The bulls we selected to use in our breeding program embody the perfect blend of temperament,size, performance, and maternal efficiency—everything we need to propel our herd forward.  Figures just can’t show what we see on the ground…….

Conclusion: A Journey Worth Taking

Our biennial USA trip isn’t just about covering miles; it’s about gaining invaluable insights, forging friendships, and bringing home the best genetics for our herd and our clients. It really is a  journey of discovery, and  every mile traveled brings us closer to breeding excellence. The USA is a goldmine of advanced cattle genetics. We hit up some of the finest ranches around, snagging genetic material that’s truly next-level.

This was our trip….

Flew into Dallas TX
Rafter 5M Angus,  Lehigh, Oklahoma.
Musgrave Angus, Griggsville, Illinois
Schiefelbein Farm, Kimball Minnesota
CGS Breeding Centre, Mitchell, South Dakota
Mohnen Angus, White Lake, South Dakota
Strommen Angus, Solen, North Dakota
Ellingson Angus, St Anthony, North Dakota
Spickler Ranch South,  Glenfield, North Dakota
Peak Dot Ranch,  Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan. Canada
Genex Hawkeye West, Billings, MT
Worl West Sires, Joliet, Montana
Sitz Angus, Harrison, Montana
Montana Angus Ranch, Big Fork, Montana
Bruin Ranch, Sacramento, California
Flew out of LA

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