New leading genetics we have used this year include another EXCLUSIVE TO EAGLEHAWK.

We have a reputation for not following the pack.  We travel far and wide and research using trusted contacts to source the ideal genetic package to breed the Eaglehawk type.  It’s a balancing act to keep the status quo yet to push the boundaries of performance without losing the maternal attributes that make Angus the greatest breed on this earth.  We are always excited to unveil our new sires and this year is no different.  We have had to call on industry friends and our knowledge of pedigrees to find these leading angus genetics, instead of eyeballing each bull and his offspring as the dreaded Covid has limited our travels.

U2 Coalition 206C

EXCLUSIVE- Coalition is an exciting new sire. He has been used heavily by Spickler Ranch South (North Dakota) and U2 Ranch with great results. Coalition stamps his progeny with correct structure, expressive muscle and volume. Sons are solid performing, good looking bulls with modest birth weights. Daughters are consistent in their type – deep ribbed, good structured and feminine fronted. The cows behind Coalition are outstanding.
We are very excited to be able to offer the only calves in Australia by this bull.
New genetics at Eaglehawk - U2 COALITION

Sitz Stellar

Stella is a thick topped, deep sided bull with big time calving ease, performance and an outstanding maternal pedigree. He is just made to sire good boned and heavy offspring!  Sitz cattle stand the test of time.
New genetics at Eaglehawk - Sitz Stellar

Square B True North

This fella is our “wildcard”.  We haven’t physically visited the Square B operation but he combines SAV Rainfall (which we have held back in using until now) with a  Connealy Concensus cow on the bottom side.  He is a phenotypic standout with all of the physical attributes that we believe will combine nicely with our cows. With his outstanding maternal profile we thought we had better give him a go.  Should be interesting.
New genetics at Eaglehawk - Square B True North

McCumber Carbon 972

Carbon (pictured as a yearling) is a bull we purchased two years ago.  We were very impressed when we visited the McCumber ranch (North Dakota) in 2019, some of the most consistent, easy fleshing, high capacity females we have seen in our travels. So we did something we haven’t done before and purchased him in partnership with an Argentinian.  Carbon has an impressive pedigree with both sides packed with muscle, capacity and structural soundness.  His sisters in production are big bodied, wide, with well attached udders.  Our Carbon’s are still young but they are shaping up nicely.
New genetics at Eaglehawk - McCumber Carbon

**Paintrock Trapper and Spicklers Power Point also get another run.

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