OPEN DAY  2019  IS WED. 24 JULY   Bulls…morning tea and lunch on tap.

 We would love you to come and join us and have a look at the sale bulls for this year.

If you haven’t had anything to do with our cattle before, this is a great way to see the whole draft in a relaxed atmosphere.  Ian is available to answer questions and explain our breeding program.  All stud breeders have their own ideas and direction and we think it is important for you to understand what it is that makes your bull producer tick.

Don’t assume all angus bull breeders do the same thing.

There are different breeds within the angus breed these days, with the only thing standard being coat colour.  We are targeting the no nonsense cattleman who wants that superior on farm performance within their cow herd.  Someone who realises the benefits associated with an easy calving, easy fleshing herd that punch their calves along to that heavy weaning weight and then get back in calf early.  Eaglehawk weaners attract a premium in the saleyards because people are understanding they can rely on their performance to do the best with what they are given.

We heard a funny thing recently and it went something like this. 

 “I’d like to buy some Eaglehawk cows, and I thought this would be the ideal time…. but they are still too expensive”.  Now this is sad for us as we would love to spread the Eaglehawk love around, but on the other hand … good is it for the bloke selling the cows.

The good news it that you can buy Eaglehawk bulls well below the average of other leading studs.  We are selling more bulls each year to keep these prices at a level that is a good commercial price for you. Our loyalty is to our commercial clients, to supply the best genetics at the best price.  The Land newspaper come to our sale each year and insist on photographing the “top priced bull”, we always say that this isn’t our goal or direction.  While this is great to have a headliner for a day, we really want everyone to leave our sale with bulls that are fairly priced and are happy to come back each year and confidently bid.

If you stick with the Eaglehawk program for a few years it is amazing what can happen to your herd.

We can’t stress enough that “shopping around” and trying to patch together a group of bulls usually ends in a herd that is inconsistent.  Find a seedstock producer that is breeding the same ideals as you and that these ideals are in tune with the country you run on and markets you seek and stick with it –  at least for a while.  You will soon see if you were right!   If things aren’t working out, find someone else.  Just don’t jump around.  No bull breeder can help these type of operations as they will always be having trouble.  Most studs spend their waking hours thinking genetics and certainly have their own ideas and path.  If you jump around, besides having the integration problems of bulls, you have a mish mash approach and will end up wondering where you went wrong (or right).

As you already may know….we breed easy doing, deep, thick, quiet, high volume cattle that can thrive in tough conditions and give you the best possible on farm performance you can expect from the Angus breed.

Anyway, we would love you to come along to the open day and check us out if you haven’t been before and for those looking for a bull, spend some quality time going through the selection.


    from 9am-4pm.

To request a catalogue, go to our SALE INFORMATION page


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