Peak Dot Boost 162K stole the spotlight, when we purchased him for $80,000, as the top seller at the Peak Dot Ranch’s (Canada) 2023 Spring Sale. His impressive physique showcases genuine muscle, wide top, capacity, softness, and substance. He has one of those sire looks about him that stops you in your tracks and he is very attractive.

The Maternal side.
Boost’s dam boasts an impressive weaning ratio of 114 in the Peak Dot herd, from a lineage of excellence. She is an impressive Hoover No Doubt daughter who possesses a fine udder and a strong maternal outlook, while his grandam has achieved Elite Dam status with the Canadian Angus Association.

The top side.
Peak Dot Boost 137H, his sire, descends from the renowned Musgrave Colossal and LD Capitalist line, known for exceptional performance across the board, these bulls need no introduction.

Firsthand look.
During our USA trip in late 2023, we visited World West Sires (collection centre) near Billings, Montana, to observe Boost in the flesh for the first time as an 18 month old bull. When we finally saw Boost he impressed us totally. He is the ideal type and has muscle, width of spine, is structurally sound with that presence and sirey outlook that you can’t see in a catalogue.

Just a bit about Peak Dot Ranch
Peak Dot is a family run Angus breeding ranch with generations of Moneos involved. They have been breeding carefully for over forty years selecting for animals that first of all fit into their harsh environment. They insist on easy calving, heaving weaning weights, moderate mature weight, good udders and structure. They don’t just say it, they do it. Running 1000 mature cows and selling 350 bulls yearly, the Moneo’s are kept pretty busy. We resound with the philosophy of the Peak Dot herd and felt confident to be guided by Clay and Carson in choosing Boost. He is a cracker that will make a mark in our herd and in the herds of the USA and Canada.

If its “rack ‘em and stack ‘em” figures you want. Tick the box.
Boost is stacked with generations of performance and strength on both sides of his pedigree. Not only this, he has an impressive genetic profile which includes ranking in the top percentiles for weaning weight, yearling weight, rib eye area, carcass weight, and marbling, along with excellent docility.

We anticipate significant contributions from Boost to our herd and eagerly await the arrival of his calves in the spring of 2024.

Semen sales.
If any Aussies are interested in semen please contact us. We are in the process of making a selling platform for our semen.

The Peak Dot 2023 bull sale catalogue for your interest. You can view him as a yearling at Lot 110.


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