So, who were the Sale Toppers and Champion Pen of  Angus steers in Glen Innes this year??  Congratulations to the Baker and Wollen families on topping the 2019 Blue Ribbon Weaner sale in Glen Innes with their steers.  The Wollen’s steers weighed 333kg and made 354c .  The Bakers steers sold for 349c .  Both families have experienced the driest February since 1955 so it was a credit to them to present young cattle in such forward, sappy order.

Champion pen of Angus steers was awarded to Gordon and Sally Wollen.  The Wollens have been purchasing Eaglehawk bulls for around 10 years now and they are topping the weaner sales most years.  It is a testament of good breeding practices and a holistic approach to their farm.

Congrats to both families, we are with you all the way!  All we need now is the seasons to change and give us a little break.


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