Koupal Kozi 416 – A Powerhouse Bull.

As you may know by now, we travel to the USA biannually to find new genetics to add to the depth of our own unique gene pool. We try and come back with about six new sires that fit this bill. Four years ago we visited the renown Koupal Angus herd, owned by LaVern and Alice Koupal, Dante, South Dakota. We really related with their breeding philosophy and their cow herd was impressive. a. Kozi has died so there will be no more semen available internationally so we are the only ones with this unique sire. What little semen we have left will be used for ET work.

When we show visitors our young cows they think the Kozi females standout. We also really like the style of them as they are some of the biggest capacity yet feminine heifers we have. Koupal Kozi 416 is a true “curve bending” bull as his calves are generally light and then they explode to the top of the group by 400 days. He will thicken and soften his progeny and they will be easy doing, allowing you to turn off your cattle at better weights easier. We couldn’t help but be impressed with his natural thickness, softness and structure and that is why we are offering 12 sons in the 2020 sale. We hope you like them.

For info about our other sires, see our HERD SIRES page.

Eaglehawk OZI KOZI Q536

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